Public Membership Application Process (3/24/20)

Due to the current concerns with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are postponing the Public Membership Application Process until after July 1st.  Please watch this website for updates.

Covid-19 (4/25/20)

   In agreement with the Governor's regulations concerning "Social Distancing" as it applies to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, the Board of Director's is requesting that all TLLRA member's refrain from socializing at the lake both on shore and in their watercraft.  Please do not include people on your water craft that are not already living with you at home.  Stay separated and stay safe!   

Bath House (4/25/20)


The Board of Director's has chosen to keep the Bath House OPEN. Even though our Housekeeping Contractor has been directed to take the necessary steps to disinfect the facility twice a week until further notice, the Board strongly recommends that members additionally follow the Social Distancing Regulations and use a personal disinfectant wipe upon exiting the Bath House.

Ice Cream Treats (4/25/20)

As an additional precaution, the Board of Directors has suspended the purchasing of the ice cream treats until the current restrictions concerning Social Distancing are relaxed. 

Lake Level (4/25/20)

  The Homer City Station has informed us that they will not be raising the water level in the reservoir to its' normal summertime full pool elevation this spring.  They will be holding the level at the current winter pool elevation which is approximately 3' below the normal full pool level.  Fluctuations above and back to this level should be anticipated and will be influenced by heavy rainfall events.  

Lake Level (5/20/20)

The Homer City Station has informed us that they will be raising the water level in the reservoir to the normal full pool summer level.